Sylvie Vandervaart Bikini Pictures

Sylvie Vandervaart Bikini Pictures Sylvie Vandervaart Bikini Pictures

Hey everybody, let’s welcome the very beautiful Sylvie Vandervaart to Celebrity Bikini Gossip. Who is Sylvie Vandervaart? Her husband is Tottenham Hotspurs player Rafael Vandervaart and she’s a model. What she’s most well known for recently is her battle with breast cancer. She recently returned to the catwalk to show women all over the world that breast cancer doesn’t stop anything. Sylvie keeps her body toned and it shows in a two-piece black bikini that showcases her figure on a beach in Spain. Despite her health battle and having a child, Sylvie’s figure is super slender and extremely tanned. We wish her and her family the best in their future.

Wow, time sure goes by so fast when you’re having a wonderful time like I do when I can share pictures of celebrities in bikinis with you, my awesome babies. These next few months of planning my wedding, I expect, will be filled with lots of excitement, stress, nervousness and patience as Gerald and I try to agree on what we both want. Although it’s really up to me because it’s MY wedding day. 🙂 Take care of yourselves and remember that Jenny Bikini loves you!! Toodles!! Smooches!!!

P.S. To Mr. Lance Butts, I wear my skirts long because that’s how “my fiance” likes it. So go cuddle with your buddies.

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