Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Katy Perry Bikini Pictures Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Hello my most funtastical Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! I’ve missed you terribly!! It’s me, Jenny Bikini, your favorite celebrity reporter back to share super hot photos of your favorite stars in sexy bikinis!!! Just to let you know, my and Gerald’s wedding plans are going very well. December 12th is the date. That’s my mom’s birthday and I wish should be there. I miss you mom!! So I’ve arranged for Lance Butts to take over my assignments for the days that I’m on my honeymoon!! I’m so excited!!

Ok, back by popular demand are pictures of pop starlet Katy Perry. I love her music. It’s always fun and easy to dance to. Katy was recently at a water park and got splashed pretty heavily. She’s laughing it off to show that she’s a great sport and that’s what I love about Katy. Doesn’t she look curvy in a grey patterned bikini? Her long hair is plastered to her face because it can get pretty wild at those water parks on those rides. I love them. Love your music Katy!

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