Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!!! Oh yeah you know it’s the most suave and handsome Mr. Lance Man back to blow your mind with the hottest photos of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis! I feel so giddy and gay!! lol Just back from a fabulous mini-vacation in Rio, yes Rio, with my buddies Tony Fish, Pauly Meathead and Vinnie Lasagne. Let me first say that ALL of the woman in Brazil are hot!! Did I say hot!! No they’re blazing. We hit so many clubs and beaches that my head is still spinning. We met a lot of strays and I can’t tell you the rest because this is a family site. Just know that all of us came back smiling from ear to ear and can’t wait to go back.

Alright, speaking of gay, Paris Hilton received quite a bit of backlash regarding a not so flattering comment she made about gays that was secretly taped while she was riding in a taxi. She’s apologized and I honestly don’t think she meant any harm because most of her fans are gay and lesbian. Paris is a smart businesswoman and hopefully she wouldn’t tarnish her brand that way. Anyway, she’s making up for it by showing off her slim figure in a pink bikini that her new boyfriend, River Viiperi, seems to enjoy. Good luck Paris and next time remember check for mics in all taxis. lol

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