Miley Cyrus Bikini Pictures

Miley Cyrus Bikini Pictures Miley CyrusBikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey!!! Oh yes!!! It’s the most fantastical, whimsical, fabulistical (yeah my own word) and super hot Mr. Lance Man back from a cold and wintery romp in the mountains with my buddies Tony Fish, Pauly Meathead and Vinnie Lasagne. Vinnie doesn’t like the cold so we had to leave a little early. My buddy Tommy the Bandit has a cottage up in the Colorado mountains and we went out there for a few days. No babes for miles. Just us dudes looking at each other. It’s a good thing the Super Bowl was on or else we would have had an attack of cabin fever. I know now that I am not a winter type of dude. I like Florida sun and bikini babes too much.

Ok, let’s start out with some hot pictures of rock star and actress Miley Cyrus. She’s growing up really fast and it’s a good thing. Miley looks really cute in a black tankini top and black bikini bottoms. I like her short blonde crop. It really compliments her face. I’m always looking forward to the next wild and crazy thing that Miley does and ever since she’s been dating that Brit dude she has calmed down. Bring back the fun Miley we know!

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