Lisa Hochstein Bikini Pictures

Lisa Hochstein Bikini Pictures Lisa HochsteinBikini Pictures

Lisa Hochstein, 30, showed off the results of Dr Lenny Hochstein’s handy work as she posed for a photo shoot at her sprawling waterfront home on Wednesday. Donning multiple teeny bikinis, Lisa showed off her equally tiny and trim body. The reality TV star, who has made three appearances in Playboy, has been open about her plastic surgery procedures, admitting to rhinoplasty and two boob jobs. Her husband, who is known as the ‘Boob God’, performed the second of her two breast enlargements. Lisa told She Knows in October last year: ‘I had a boob job when I was 19. And it wasn’t the best job. When I met my husband, I always wanted to fix it. And since he’s known as “The Boob God,” I thought if I’m walking around with him, my breasts should really look great. Otherwise people would think he did this not-so-great job.

Alrighty then! Dudes and dudettes it’s time to pass you over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini! Oh and by the way I did hook up with that girl Bambi’s mom. Turns out she’s a real estate developer and I’m in search of a new house. Sweet!! My buddies and I are headed to the Jersey Shore to see if it’s warmed up any and to visit Vinnie’s parents since that’s where he’s from. Until the next time, remember to NEVER bring home any strays and in my case if you do, make sure you get her mom’s number too!! lol PEACE!!!

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