Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures

Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures

She has been seen parading her bikini body during her sunshine break in Hawaii. But while Stephanie Pratt’s figure may be the envy of many it seems she doesn’t get it from lounging around on the beach all day. The former reality star was seen running along the warm sand with her pet pooches in tow, showing off her athletic side as she threw around an American football. She looks amazing in a blue bikini that showcases her svelte and slender figure.

Ok, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to hand you back over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini and I’m sure she will “wow” you with her extra spunky attitude. As for me and my buddies, we’re just gonna hang out and do the local scene. We get luckier with the babes that way, although we do love Mexico!! So remember to never do anything that we would do and NEVER EVER EVER bring home any strays!!! PEACE!

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