Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio  Bikini Pictures Alessandra Ambrosio  Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yes, it’s the most fantastical, whimsical, totally hot and handsome Mr. Lance Man back from a delicious cruise to St. Croix Islands with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. Did we meet and bring home strays?? Well we didn’t exactly bring them home but we did bring them back to our cabins. What happened there – a gentleman never reveals – but since we’re not gentleman – lol – we basically just talked. We’re old fashioned dudes and respect women so we had a good time just getting to know Caroline, Jazmine, Stacie and Wilemina. All nice girls! Must do again very soon. Totally relaxing and rewarding for a hard working guy like myself. If you haven’t been on a cruise lately, I suggest you go asap!

Alright, let’s pick up where Mrs. Jenny Bikini left off with more pictures of Victoria Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. This time she’s wearing a lovely brown tight fitting bikini while out and about beachside with friends and family. She’s one of my favorite VS Angels because she looks flawless all of the time. Keep it up Allie (my affection pet name for her).

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