Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures

Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures

Hello my delightful Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! Oh how I’ve missed you terribly. It’s me, Mrs. Jenny Bikini, your favorite bikini reporter back to spoil you with awesome pictures of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis. I hope that your past week was as enjoyable as mine. I went on a romantic camping trip with my hubby Gerald. Just to a local spot here in Florida but it was awesome. We kissed underneath the stars and cuddled so tight. Married life is so wonderful! Next week we’re going to go skiing and I’m very excited about that because I’ve never been before.

Now, let’s get started with some really nice pictures of Aviva Drescher looking vibrant underneath the bright sun in a burgundy two-piece bikini. Even her sunglasses match her cute swimsuit. She looks just like the type of woman that Mr. Lance Butts would like to date. He calls them cougars for some reason but I just call her beautiful. Why does an older woman have to be referred to as some kind of animal. That’s why I’m so happy to have a respectful hubby who will love me the same when I’m 80 yrs old.

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