Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures

Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures Aviva Drescher Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey, yeah, you know you’ve missed me! It’s the marvelous Mr. Lance Man, back from an awesome weekend with my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. We hung out in the Florida Keys and boy did we have fun. Lots of bikini babes and cougar hotties all around. I must admit that I was rather dashing and managed to come home with a few prospective cougarettes phone numbers. I’m so sexy, I can barely stand myself. Tony Fish managed to catch a groupie who kept following us all around and I just told him to tell her that I was his boyfriend in hopes that she would leave him alone but she didn’t even care. She said that she wanted to be with him at all costs. Now that’s scary. Sorry Tony, I tried to help. lol

Alright, let’s start this week off with a newbie to Celebrity Bikini Gossip by the name of Aviva Drescher. It’s hard to believe that Aviva Drescher is a mother of four with that incredible physique. The 43-year-old star of the Real Housewives Of New York City put the younger generation to shame as she strutted her amazing figure along the beach outside her Southampton home in New York recently. Aviva enjoyed the sun, sand and surf while wearing a very revealing blue two-piece bathing suit that left little to the imagination. Now that’s my kind of cougar but 4 kids? I’m not ready to be a daddy. But I can dream.

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