Monika Jagaciak Bikini Pictures

Monika Jagaciak  Bikini Pictures Monika Jagaciak  Bikini Pictures

Back by popular demand are more pictures of stunning 19 yr old supermodel Monika Jagaciak. In these pictures, she’s looking divine in a electric blue one-piece suit with a halter top. With her hair blowing in the wind and the sun kissing her hair, this delightful brunette beauty is going to stop guys in their tracks with her natural beauty. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for more on this lovely.

Ok, dudes and dudettes, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and remember to eat hearty because that’s what me any my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead are going to do. The best thing about the holidays are the cute girls that come out of the woodwork because they’re on vacation. We plan on hitting some of the clubs in the evenings and just hang out locally. We’re planning on a big ski trip in a few weeks so gotta save up for that. I sure hope I can meet a cougar babe along the way who could pay for all of my expenses. At least I’m honest. Alright everyone, take care and remember to NEVER bring home any strays!! PEACE!!

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