Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures

Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures Jessica HartBikini Pictures

Happy Holidays my most darling Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s Mrs. Jenny Bikini, your favorite bikini celeb reporter back to entertain you sweeties with the hottest stars in sexy swimwear. I’ve missed you all so very much. Just to let you know that my wedding anniversary was December 12th and my hubby surprised me with a romantic dinner on top of a skyscraping lake tower lol…it was in the forest in a park in Florida and it was so romantic and he sang to me on his guitar which he knows I love. We at strawberries and cream and we even messed around up there. I was so nervous because I don’t like heights but I trust my hubby and he made me feel so safe and secure. This made me fall in love with him even more.

Ok, my boss is obsessed with supermodel Jessica Hart so this week every day will showcase a photo of her. Don’t ask me why. He drools over her photos daily so I guess he just had to put her up and he wanted me to let her know that Mr. Tinkles loves you Jessica. Yeah, that’s his name. lol Jessica Hart looks awesome in a purple bikini striking a defined pose with long blonde locks blowing in the wind. Her body is perfect. I wish I could be like her with movie star looks. He’s telling me to say all of these things.

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