Sophia Vergara Bikini Pictures

Sophia Vergara Bikini Pictures Sophia Vergara Bikini Pictures

Sofia Vergara gave the Bondi babes a run for their money as she hit the famous Australian beach in Sydney on Friday morning. The stunning Colombian star certainly stood out on the sand as she flaunted her famous curves in a revealing Agent Provocateur swimsuit while she and her fellow Modern Family cast members filmed scenes for the show. The 41-year-old’s swimming costume featured several colourful cut out panels, making it a little tricky for the actress to avoid pesky tan lines. I love her sense of style and the way she matched the bathing suit and the long purple skirt…very fashionable. Plus her bright smile adds lovely character. Love her show.

Ok, my lovely babies, it’s time to hand you gently over to Mrs. Lance Butts who is always zooming around the globe with his motley crew of misfits who can’t seem to hold down jobs but manages to spend money travelling everywhere. I guess their parents don’t mind giving money to grown men who are able to work but would rather just gawk at girls. Anyways, I’m so glad my hubby, Gerald, is such a gentleman. Now remember to take good care of yourself and to love yourself because Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! So until next time Toodles!! Smooches!!!

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