Bianca Gascoigne Bikini Pictures

Bianca Gascoigne Bikini Pictures Bianca Gascoigne Bikini Pictures

Hello my most divine Celebrity Bikini Gossip lovies!! I hope that you had a nice 4th of July holiday weekend. Isn’t it extra nice when the holiday falls on a weekend so you can have even more days off from work? Cool! My hubby, Gerald, and I just snuggled up after BBQ and kissed all day. Marriage life is so rewarding. But the weekend went by too fast! Ok!! Let’s get started with some cool pictures of your favorite and new celebs in sexy bikinis.

She’s not known for her shyness when it comes to her voluptuous curves and in her typical fashion, Bianca Gascoigne wore a tiny bikini as she put on a very amorous display with her boxer boyfriend, Brett Marshall. The 27-year-old star was seen frolicking on the beach with him while she stuns onlookers in a black two piece bikini. I wasn’t even half way with posting this before a few of the guys in the office gathered around my desk asking all sorts of questions about Bianca and you can’t blame them. Her long curly blonde mane, bright white smile and flawless tan is quite alluring. Hopefully we will see much more of this head turning beauty in the future.

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