Robyn Althasen Bikini Pictures

Robyn Althasen Bikini Pictures Robyn Althasen Bikini Pictures

Enjoying a day off with her castmates is TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) – Robyn Althasen – looking extra delightful in a black floral two-piece bikini. And, of course, fashioned with dark sunglasses and this time she’s carrying some sort of lemony refreshment to keep cool underneath the sun.

Robyn Althasen is a real party girl and she enjoys working with her friends on the show. We like the bikinis that she manages to squeeze into and always looking forward to much more from her and I think we will get it. So stay tuned folks!!

Alrighty, dudes and dudettes, it’s the time that you’ve been waiting for. What’s going on at Monster Bikini (my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne, Pauly Meathead and Professor Scabs new home)? Well every day it’s been a party. New girls running in and out and what that really is doing is messing up our “no stray” rule. Plus, some of these girls are not as cougarish as I would have hoped. I like the cougars (ages 40-50) so we need to have a group meeting. The other guys are flexible but we need to have some sort of order before things get out of hand. The hottest thing that went on so far is we had a birthday party for Pauly Meathead (his mom came down and cooked the food which saved us money). That morning, I noticed two girls leaving Pauly’s bedroom and I was so surprised because Pauly is shy but it looks like he’s breaking out of that. No girls in my room. I’m very private and am just looking for the right cougar to sweep me away. Can you help me find true love? Ok, next week, we’re inviting over some ladies from an establishment that says they specialize in home cleaning and pole dancing in your home (all wearing bikinis). All good clean fun which is what we are about. How do you clean and jump up and down on a pole anyways? So that reminds me, I have to run home and meet the pole installation guy on my lunch break. So, gonna hand you over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini who is jealous of me. I can see it in her eyes. Oh well, you’re married and I’m not so don’t hate the Butts to much (yeah that’s my house nickname). Remember about the strays although I can’t talk about it right now but we will get it under control. Till next time PEACE!!

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