Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Pictures

Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Pictures Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Pictures

She only gave birth three months ago.

But Tamara Ecclestone has wasted no time at all in shedding any additional pregnancy pounds she may have put on as she showed by looking stunning in a dark grey two-piece string bikini.

The 29-year-old star spent some quality family time in the sun with her husband Jay Rutland and three-month-old daughter Sophia at Monte Carlo Beach Club.

Totally amazing!!!

Ok, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to pass you over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini who is more concerned about my life than she is her own. That’s so interesting to me. Maybe she really wants to be single again? Oh well, you’re not the type of girl that any of my buddies like although Vinnie Lasagne did have a crush on you a while ago before he got to know your true kooky personality. Anyways, not sure what us buds are going to do but we’re looking for a new roomie and that will be fun. Will keep you informed as to our progress!! So remember to NEVER bring home any strays and until next time PEACE!!

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