Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures

Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures

It’s Jenny Bikini and it’s great to be back! Now, on the Celebrity Bikinis! Here’s a picture of celebrity daughter Brooke Hogan. She’s the daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan. I really admire Brooke for standing her own ground and not trying to live in the shadow of her dad. She’s a total lady and seems to have a great head on her shoulders. She’s not a wild celebrity kid and we don’t hear about her getting smashed and trashed like other celebrity kids. I really like her body. You can tell she works out and that’s great. I wish I worked out more. I’d love to have a body like she does. Go Brooke!

Now a note to Lance Butts! Joey was a creep so give me my $20 or I will post your real picture on the net.

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