Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Katy Perry Bikini Pictures Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Hey it’s the Lance Man and I’m back from another hot weekend! I went to New York for the weekend and I just got back. Boy those girls in NYC are wild…I got enough phone numbers to start my own cell phone service. I won’t call them all, just the ones who look like they had some money!!! Ok, let’s get started.

Here’s super pop star Katy Perry walking around looking all mad in a green bikini. Wow, she sure looks different without any makeup on.

Not to say she looks ugly, but with makeup on she kind of looks like a cartoon character so she looks kinda real in these pictures. I saw her perform at the MTV Movie Awards and she looked much thicker in the hips and waist than she does in these photos. But they do say TV puts on 10 pounds.

I like her song California Girls, it’s kinda catchy. Ok next……..

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