Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures

Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures

Omg!!! Pam Anderson looks totally drunk walking the cat walk in her classic red swimsuit that she used to wear when she was on the tv show “Baywatch”.

She should be ashamed of herself, she’s about to fall down on her face. I saw her on DWTS and they kept saying that she was sexy but I didn’t see that. I saw a middle-aged woman desperately trying to act alluring and most of the time she did look medicated.

I will give her props on landing some of these dances because that’s more than I can do but let’s face it, we all knew she wasn’t going to win but I’m still a fan but of the OLD PAM ANDERSON. I’ll always remember looking at her poster on my wall when I was younger and thinking naughty thoughts about her. Now when I think naughty thoughts about Pam Anderson, it makes me feel weird.

But I’d still date her…don’t get me wrong………..Ok Next….

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