Cameron Diaz Bikini Pictures

Cameron Diaz  Bikini Pictures Cameron Diaz Bikini Pictures

Looking totally slender and fabulous is one of my favorite angels, Cameron Diaz. I so want her and the other girls to make another Charlie’s Angels movie. She’s like one of my favorite actresses. I saw her new movie with Tom Cruise and it’s very funny. It’s called Knight and Day. She’s very versatile and I also saw her performance in the horror/thriller called The Box. She can adapt to whatever she needs to and that’s the quality of a wonderful actress. Right now I think Cameron is dating A-Rod (at least that’s the buzz) but she can have any man she wants, right Cameron? Keep up the great work.

So, now is the time for me to pass the buck over to Mr. Lance Butts. He’s a very hard worker, I’ll give him that. However, whenever you can get him to come to work, is the issue. He missed a few days last week and he had the nerve to say he was hung over and the boss loves him so much, that it wasn’t a problem. Let me do that…oh…no…there would be a problem. Maybe it’s a man thing….Ok, everyone have a great week! Toodles…JB

Photo Credit: Hollywood Tuna

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