Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures

Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures

Howdy all of you celebrity bikini gossip loving folks out there in the world! It’s the Lance Man back from another looooong weekend. Well not that long, but it was fun! I’ll tell you guys all about it after this posting of the lovely Mischa Barton.

You remember Mischa right? Yeah, she starred in the tv show the O.C. Now you remember. Well Mischa since the show has ended, Mischa has a bit of a reputation of a bad girl in the movie industry. She’s a good actress, don’t get us wrong, but every time she’s in the tabloids it’s because she’s drunk or something like that.

I, personally, think she’s super hot and could care less what she does on her personal time. So what she gets drunk. So does 80% of Americans. That’s what we do, get drunk. Leave the girl alone and let her live her life. She’s not bothering you. All I ask is that she gets out in public more often wearing hot bikinis. That’s not too much to ask is it Mischa? I’m your #2 fan.


My weekend was very drama filled. Last we left off, I had the telephone number of my two twin girlfriend’s Barbie and Bambi’s girlfriend Blonde Bomb. Ok, I called Blonde Bomb and invited her out for a drink. Of course she accepted but she pulled a fast one on me. She told me to meet her at this bar but she called up my girlfriends Barbie and Bambi and told them about it. It was suppose to be this big set up but you can’t do that to the Lance Man. I’m a single man so when all three of them showed up, I told them just how it was going to be. I told them that they could take me like I am or go home crying to their mothers. NO women is going to strap me down, EVER. Well they all walked out and I haven’t heard from any of them but I don’t care because the Lance Man will survive. So what I’m super lonely but not for long. I’m calling up my buddy Tony Fish this weekend and we’ll hunt out some fresh meat.

Photo Credit: Star Seeker

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