Jwoww Bikini Pictures

HERE Bikini Pictures HERE Bikini Pictures

I love all of my Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s Jenny Bikini here your favorite celebrity reporter here with the hottest gossip about celebs in sexy bikinis. Right now the entire CBG crew (even Mr. Butts) are about and about in the field working on getting lots of new and exciting pictures for you to enjoy. Right now let’s check out these pictures of one of our favorite New Jersians – Miss. Jwoww from hit TV reality show The Jersey Shore. Jwoww is enjoying some relaxing time at the pool and she spots the camera man and smiles for the camera. I love her so much!! She has such a wonderful personality. All of the girls on the show do. I don’t miss a show ever! I can’t wait until the new season #4 where they all go to Italy!! That will be totally exciting to see how they act over there. Will Ron and Sammi hook back up? Oh the drama!! We love you Jwoww!

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