Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Hayden Panettiere, for some reason, always looks different every time I see her. She’s a chameleon which is why she always gets the good movie roles. In these pictures, Hayden is sporting a two-toned bikini and I say that because in the photo on the left the bikini looks black but in the photo on the right, the bikini looks brown so go figure. She’s very athletic as you can see because she’s playing a game of basketball and a friendly game of tennis. That must be how she keeps her figure so slender. Ladies take note. Simple sports burns lots of calories. Keep up the great work Hayden and looking forward to your next movie. I hope it’s a horror movie. You act your best in those.

Wow, it’s been an awesome week hanging out with you all! I’m beginning to sound like Jenny Bikini (NOT!!). Anyways, my buddies Vinnie Lasagne, Pauly Meathead and Tony Fish and I are going to having a BBQ at my place and invite some ladies over. Would you believe that the girl Tony Fish met in California is visiting him for the weekend? That’s what happens when you bring strays home. Now he’ll never get rid of her. That’s ok, all he has to do is tell her that he still lives with his mom at 25 years old and she’ll run fast. Ok dudes and dudettes, remember DON’T do anything that we would do because we’re a crazy bunch and until next time PEACE!!!

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