Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures

Hello my wonderful, spectacular and fabulous Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!!!!! I’ve missed you so much!!!! Oh my gosh!! It’s Jenny Bikini, your favorite celebrity reporter back to adore you with great pictures of stars in beautiful bikinis!! I hope that you are doing good and that Mr. Lance Butts didn’t overload you with his talk of womanizing and such. That’s all he cares about but it’s LOVE that’s what’s important. That’s what me and my boyfriend Gerald has!

I’ve missed you all so much and want to start off this week with pictures of the very fit Rita Rusic looking great in another brand new bikini. This one is a darling chartreuse and white string bikini complete with a matching silky jacket. Bravo Rita!! Your bikini fashion is the best this month. I’m going to give Rita Rusic the JENNY BIKINI TOP BIKINI FASHION AWARD FOR APRIL 2012. Every time I turn around she is wearing a lovely new bikini and it fits her to a T. I wish that my body would look half as good as hers. Rita you are my hero!!!!!!

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