Deimante Guobyte Bikini Pictures

Deimante Guobyte Bikini Pictures Deimante Guobyte Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey, oh yeah!!! It’s me Mr. Lance Man back from a non-victorious weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. I love my buds and they love me! Real mean know how to love! Ok, so we hung out locally and were bored to death so his coming week we are surely going to plan a hot trip some place where there are plenty of single babes around. We’re too young and handsome to let all of this go to waste.

I’m so excited about this week’s posts because I have all hot babes! Starting off with Lithuanian beauty Deimante Guobyte. Now that’s a mouthful right? She’s the girlfriend of singer Maxwell (age 40) and he’s a lucky dude because she’s in her 20’s. They were out and about at the beach and he was snapping pictures of her wearing this sexy blue bikini number. We don’t care about him so he’s not pictured. We just hope to see much more of her! It’s not like she’s a household name or anything but she’s really fine, right fellas?

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