Renae Ayris Bikini Pictures

Renae Ayris Bikini Pictures Renae Ayris Bikini Pictures

Back by popular demand is the totally stunning Renae Ayris looking super delightful in a black sheer two-piece bikini that shows off her slender figure. When it comes to maintaining her physique, Ayris recently told Popsugar that diet is key. She admitted that snacks are her weakness, but explained that ‘I bullet proof my diet by leaning towards healthier options.’ ‘I love rice paper rolls because they settle my hunger between main meals and workouts. They’re also great when you’re on the go.’ She’s also a big fan of sipping coconut water between meals, calling it ‘nature’s own sports drink’. Take note ladies because if it works for her then it’s worth a try! Oh I just love the look on the guy’s faces in the office who wish they were posting her pictures!

Ok, my lovelies, it’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts and his “pretend” co-worker dudes who follow him around all of the time. They even dress alike and that’s weird. Sometimes one of them gives me weird looks but I try to ignore it because I realize that they are special. So remember to take good care of yourselves because you matter to me. Please always know that Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! Smooches!! Toodles!!!

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